Advocate Effectively

In our experience as Certified Divorce Lending Professionals, mortgages are the most overlooked aspect of divorce negotiations. The fact is, mortgages can play a critical role in shaping your overall litigation strategy. Having an in-depth mortgage analysis from one of our mortgage advisors will arm you with the information you need to advocate effectively for your clients.

  • My client’s spouse wants to keep the house, how can I leverage that to negotiate better terms in other facets of our settlement?
  • How do I ensure my client can qualify given their desire to keep the house?
  • How do I ensure my client’s credit is protected?
  • How much support can my client pay without jeopardizing their ability to refi?
  • How much support does my client need to receive in order to qualify?
  • Is home equity (cash out refi) a viable option for buyout funds, or other purposes (legal fees, etc.)?

These are just some of the ways that you can leverage our mortgage analysis to help your client achieve a favorable outcome in their divorce settlement!

Protect Yourself Against Liability

PIcture this. As part of the Marital Settlement Agreement, your client is required to refinance the mortgage and remove their soon to be ex-spouse’s name in the near future. Once it becomes time to apply, your client learns that they can’t qualify based on the support terms laid out in their agreement. Now they are forced to sell and are looking for someone to blame. Next thing you know you are being hit with a malpractice suit out of the blue.
By getting us involved early, this type of catastrophe can be avoided altogether.

Clear Your Plate

Your clients look to you for help negotiating their BIG ticket items. You shouldn’t need to be bogged down with navigating mortgage guidelines and underwriting, but without this information you can’t effectively advise your clients. That’s where our mortgage advisors come in: Simply provide us with an introduction us to your clients, and we’ll take it from there. After conducting a thorough mortgage analysis on their behalf, we’ll provide you with an overview of their key mortgage considerations, and offer you creative financing strategies tailored to their goals.

We Speak Your Language

One of the things Family Law Attorney’s appreciate most about working with us is our ability to speak your language. Our founders have extensive experience working in the divorce arena and understand the legal process inside and out. While a typical mortgage broker handles only a few divorce loans, we’ve handle HUNDREDS.

Buyout Preapproval Letter (BPAL®)

You wouldn’t sell your home to a buyer without a preapproval letter, right? It shouldn’t be any different when your client is considering a buyout offer from their spouse. With our trademarked BPAL®, we’ll verify that this is a viable option. Call us to find out more.