Divorce can be hard.
Finding the right mortgage should be easy.

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          Financing that fits your lifestyle, and budget.
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    Simple 3-Step Journey

    We want to answer your questions and learn more about your goals. Then, we'll help you establish a plan for success within the parameters of your settlement. We understand that divorce is a moving target!

    We'll review your paperwork and generate a fool-proof mortgage approval assessment. And, we'll identify your best lender options. The goal is to eliminate all surprises!

    We'll stay in touch until your divorce is settled. When it's time to apply, we'll help you secure the best available interest rate, and take you to the finish line. It's that simple!

    Our Past Clients

    Based on 9 reviews
    Matt Morris
    Matt Morris
    Ross and team were fantastic to work with. Professional, patient, flexible, thoughtful, and always diligently focused on making the right things happen for the right reasons. They made a difficult time considerably less so by being on top of their business.
    Val Cipollone
    Val Cipollone
    Ross coached and counseled throughout a protracted and challenging buyout process. His calm and considered approach was invaluable, and his service, nothing short of excellent.
    Nicholas Monroe
    Nicholas Monroe
    Divorce Mortgage Advisors is an extremely valuable and necessary resource! Whether you are contemplating divorce or in the process of divorce, this company can help you eliminate every pain-point and headache that typically comes with dividing the house. I highly recommend this wonderful group of experts!
    James Philipps
    James Philipps
    I have to hand it to Ross at Divorce Mortgage Advisors. This guy worked with me for no less than 9 months on my buyout. He recalculated financial scenarios many times while interest rates fluctuated and he answered all my questions along the way. He also provided many flexible solutions to help me get to the finish line on terms I was comfortable with. A trustworthy and reliable pro!
    Bettina Wong
    Bettina Wong
    Ross was very supportive through the entire process!
    Ayako Iino
    Ayako Iino
    Ross is a kind, patient, knowledgable and reliable ally!
    Bryan Ristow
    Bryan Ristow
    Ross helped me out in so many steps along the way getting a loan with timely and knowledgeable answers to the unique problems I was facing. I recommend his help very highly!
    Christopher Lehman
    Christopher Lehman
    Ross and Andrea are second to none. They went above and beyond any reasonable expectations of support. For example, despite multiple iterations of MSA drafts affecting the loan, they were constant in their support and unfailingly responsive. I cannot recommend them strongly enough - simply superb.
    Eve Lindi
    Eve Lindi
    I can't say enough about how reassuring it was to have Ross and the DMA staff at my side through a very difficult time. Moving on is difficult enough - landing safely on the other side is priceless. Thank you!

    Divorce is hard on your time, and money.

    Let us take the mortgage off your plate.

    Save Time

    We won’t ask you the same question twice

    Save Money

    We’re always shopping to find you the best rate.

    Enjoy Peace of Mind

    Our Preapproval Letter eliminates any doubt of a successful outcome.

    Knowledge is Power

    Cultivate strength through a deep understanding of your options and the road ahead.

    Your #1 Advocate

    We work for YOU, not the bank.

    We Speak Your Language

    Divorce is foreign to most mortgage brokers. We understand the law inside and out.

    120+ Questions To Consider When You Buy, Sell, or Refi

    Common questions to ask when buying, selling, or refinancing.


    Definitive Guide: Divorcing Your Mortgage

    A comprehensive toolkit for securing your financial future.


    Mortgage Payment Calculator

    Estimate your monthly payment based on interest rate, loan term, and loan amount.