Streamlined Conflict Resolution

Your goal in divorce mediation and collaborative practice is to help your clients find common interests in order to reach an agreement. One way to make that happen is by bringing in outside experts. A Divorce Mortgage Advisor will arm you with the information and options necessary to facilitate an amicable and equitable resolution.

Explore “What If’ Scenarios

One of the biggest challenges with helping your clients make smart financial decisions during divorce is that everything is a moving target. Settlement scenarios are constantly evolving.
We offer a forward thinking approach to help you address the following:

  • Spousal/child support proposals and their impact on loan approval
  • Feasibility of either spouse using equity in the house for buyout purposes
  • Creative solutions for structuring a settlement proposal that puts your client in a position for financial success
  • Mortgage financing strategies to help your clients improve their cash flow

Trained in Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

Our team has extensive training in alternative dispute resolution. We understand that this is a delicate process, and we conduct ourselves in a way that supports your role as Mediator or Collaborative Professional.

Protect Against Liability

As part of the Marital Settlement Agreement, your client is required to refinance the marital home and remove spouse’s name in the near future. Once it comes time to apply, your client learns that they can’t qualify based on the support terms laid out in their agreement. Now they are forced to sell and are looking for someone to blame. Next thing you know you are being hit with a malpractice suit out of the blue.
By getting us involved early in mediation and collaborative divorce, this type of catastrophe can be avoided altogether.

Buyout Preapproval Letter (BPAL)

You wouldn’t sell your home to a buyer without a preapproval letter, right? It shouldn’t be any different when your client is considering a buyout offer from their spouse. With our trademarked BPAL®, we’ll verify that this is a viable option. Call us to find out more.