Explore ‘What If’ Scenarios

One of the biggest challenges with helping your clients make smart financial decisions during divorce is that everything is a moving target. Settlement scenarios are constantly evolving.

We offer a forward thinking approach to help you address the following divorce financial planning scenarios:

  • Spousal/child support proposals and their impact on loan approval
  • Feasibility of either spouse using equity in the house for buyout purposes
  • Creative solutions for structuring a settlement proposal that puts your client in a position for financial success
  • Mortgage financing strategies to help your clients improve their cash flow

Clear Your Plate

As the ‘financial Quarterback’ you are responsible for helping your clients make the BIG decisions as part of their divorce financial planning. You shouldn’t need to be bogged down with navigating mortgage guidelines and underwriting, but without this information you can’t effectively advise your clients. That’s where we come in: Simply provide us with a rundown of their financial picture, and we’ll take it from there. After conducting a thorough analysis, we’ll provide you with an overview of their key mortgage considerations, as well as their ability to qualify.

We Are Fluent in Divorce Finance

One of the things financial planners and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts appreciate most about working with us is our ability to speak your language. In fact, our Co-Founder, Jason Crowley, is a highly regarded CDFA himself. This knowledge, coupled with our extensive experience in divorce lending, is a recipe for a successful partnership.

While a typical mortgage broker handles only a few divorce loans a year, we handle HUNDREDS.

Competitive Rates and Many Lender Options

Why do so many people prefer mortgage brokers vs. walking into their bank? The answer is simple – OPTIONS.

As mortgage brokers, we work for you – not the bank. Part of that commitment is taking the time to find you the best available rate on the market. We match you with the lender that can approve your loan under the best terms, and we take the burden of rate shopping out of your hands.

More importantly, we have an in-depth understanding of every single lenders guidelines. This enables us the ability to find you the perfect lender that meets you criteria, with the best price.

Buyout Preapproval Letter (BPAL®)

You wouldn’t sell your home to a buyer without a preapproval letter, right? It shouldn’t be any different when your client is considering a buyout offer from their spouse. With our trademarked BPAL®, we’ll verify that this is a viable option. Call us to find out more.