Crowley and Garcia in Forbes: Top Investment Tips For Beginners

Jason Crowley, Ross Garcia, and other top financial professionals shared their top investment tips for beginners in Forbes.

Here’s what Jason and Ross had to say on the subject:

Keep It Simple. With all the investment options, it’s easy to end up with “analysis paralysis.” Don’t overthink it. Now is the best time to learn. Begin setting aside a fixed amount every month to invest. Consider investing in broad-based indexed funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By dollar cost averaging, you don’t have to worry about timing the market. – Jason Crowley, CFA, CFP, CDFA

Take A Low-Risk Approach. If you’re feeling intimidated, it’s probably because you are risk-averse. This is not a bad thing. First, lighten up on yourself—investing is intimidating for anybody! Dollar-cost averaging is a great way to stay consistently active in the market without riding the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. Over the long run, this is considered a risk-averse strategy. – Ross Garcia, CDLP

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